The last few years have placed significant stress on the health care industry. Consumers have been confused by the actions of the Affordable Care Act, changes in providers, changes in health plans, and the overall cost of health care. Hospitals have been confused by the impact of the Affordable Care Act, the formation of Accountable Care Organizations, and the challenges of maintaining market share while at the same time reducing costs of delivering care.


Likewise, physicians have been weighing the traditional independent physician model and many have migrated to large medical groups, hospitals and payers as employees of these entities. Other physicians are banding together to build Physician Service Organizations to give them the opportunity to sit at the table with payers and hospitals on a level playing field instead of being disadvantaged as individual or small groups negotiating with the payers. Payers, who have traditionally been the umbrella over the health system, taking on risk and managing care delivery options, are now seeing other entities being formed that are taking on the capitated risk of care for large groups of consumers.


Finally, many new entrants into the health care space are trying to take advantage of the changing market place with new product offerings, new services and innovative new delivery models. Three-Sixty works with all of these entities and takes advantage of our experience in the industry, our network of relationships, our experience in design/build/operate, and our facilitation skills and distribution channel network. Our service offerings fall into three broad categories of solutions:


TRANSFORMATION: Three-Sixty Advisory Group consults with leading hospitals, payers and physicians to develop “sustainable health communities”. Our delivery model is to assist in all phases of design, build and operate.


ACCELERATION: We work with new health entrants (product and service companies) to accelerate their success. We assist them in strategy development, marketing, branding, sales and building a robust distribution pipeline into the health marketplace.New entrants in health care come to Three-Sixty in various phases of development. Where we are particularly valuable to our clients is when they have a great product, good management and are reasonably funded. What we do for these companies is to assist them to accelerate their growth from $5 Million to $50 Million or from $50 Million to $250 Million.


FACILITATION: We work with health care leaders to facilitate the strategic conversations, cross-industry collaborations, and multi-disciplinary processes that make their visions for the future a reality.




Ongoing competitive and economic pressures put enormous stress on all facets of an organization’s performance. Traditional consultants may recommend specific actions to manage these pressures, but without practical implementation, the clock keeps on ticking and no progress is made.


Three-Sixty understands health care organizations. We know they need the right ideas followed by the right actions, fast. And they can’t afford to break the bank doing it. That’s why we’ve built our company on a non-traditional business model guaranteed to deliver immediate performance, measurable results and high return for clients.


The Three-Sixty Model


  • A customized 360 approach Three-Sixty looks at each client’s business challenges individually, ensuring the right solution at each step along the path to success. This may include transformation issues, access to capital and/or a host of business acceleration services designed to drive rapid performance.


  • The right team Three-Sixty is led by a broad-based team of senior health-care executives, each with a proven track record in building, managing and advising established health-care organizations, new market entrants and mezzanine level companies. Our vast partner network represents the industry’s best and most diverse talent. This highly specialized team is ready to go to work, today.


  • A “shoulder-to-shoulder” partnership Our managing directors and strategic partners work as seamless members of each client’s organization, executing on a shared passion and commitment to success.


  • Relationships Three-Sixty offers its clients access to a vast network of industry contacts and distribution channels. We connect the dots that lead to rapid business performance.


  • Our compensation model Without the infrastructure costs of the “big consulting firms,” we offer highly experienced talent at hourly and fixed fee rates that are very competitive. In the case of new entrants, Three-Sixty is often willing to work for performance-based equity along side of a retainer or performance-based fee. Three-Sixty and client incentives are always 100 percent aligned. Our success is dependent on our clients’ success

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