Match Point Partners was founded on the belief that many of today’s emerging middle market healthcare and technology firms and their owners need a unique, experience based advisory approach to best address specific needs at transformational points in their growth cycle. We are not like any other firm. We have assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs, advisory professionals, and operators who work together to leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience to assist each client achieve its goals.


The Match Point team acts as a catalyst by bringing the right solution to bear at the right time and helps create value through a combination of innovative strategic, operational and investment banking solutions.  We are entrepreneur centric in our style and approach and seek to provide experience based straight forward advice.Match Point seeks to partner with clients and takes a long term view of our relationships.  Our core competency and differentiating characteristic lies in our ability to act as a catalyst to assist companies at key inflection points whether in determining the optimal path forward through an analysis of the strategic, operational and financial issues, or in implementing the optimal solution or transaction to help clients meet their financial and strategic objectives.Our collective experience and perspective uniquely situates Match Point to provide clients with value-added advisory work that other investment banks cannot and do not offer. Drawing on this knowledge base, we team with clients to develop their investment thesis, transform their business plans accordingly, and position them properly in the marketplace in order to obtain superior value.


All security transactions are conducted by registered representatives through our broker dealer  Bridge Capital Associates, Inc.   A Member FINRA / SIPC.

Year Founded: 2006



Laura Nobles, Founder and CEO

Julie Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer


Mission and Vision: We are a strategic public relations and marketing services firm committed to promoting and protecting healthcare innovation that improves and saves lives globally.


Background and Experience:

We are expert communicators who develop and execute strategic programs that help clients – and the healthcare community – thrive. Nobles Global Communications’ industry expertise has been honed through extensive engagements with a roster of emerging and brand name healthcare companies from around the world, and allied service businesses that support them. Our PR and marketing team has worked in medical devices, health services, health information technology, biopharma and consumer health, giving us a 360-degree perspective of the environment in which our clients operate.



Nobles Global Communications is privileged to serve as a seamless extension of each client’s marketing team. Our services are delivered by an experienced, senior staff who are 100 percent focused on differentiating, growing and protecting innovative healthcare brands and businesses. Offerings include: corporate and product brand positioning and messaging, new therapeutic category building, pivotal trial communication, product and service launches, product and corporate communications, integrated marketing, issues management, expert written communication, and corporate culture/internal communications.



“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

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SD Sleight Consulting LLC was formed in February 2013 by Stanley Sleight to represent companies looking to provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers and payers located primarily in Michigan and Ohio.   Stan has developed a rich and extensive network of C level relationships with most of the major providers and health insurers in these two states through his role as a health care executive for some of the largest health care consulting firms over the last 40 years. These consulting firms include:


Ernst & Young, Partner

Cap Gemini, Vice President

Accenture, Partner, Senior Executive

INGENIX/Optum (subsidiary of United Health Group) Partner, Vice President


Stan has led numerous health care consulting engagements including forecasts, acquisitions, valuations, mergers, joint ventures, new business planning, rate setting, revenue cycle improvement, capital financing and negotiations with payers and providers.  Stan’s experience also includes the following:


  • Initiated a statewide collaboration effort between providers (17 large IDS) and a major payer to streamline processing and eliminate rework.

  • Engagement executive for developing a comprehensive work plan to address all operational, informational and clinical aspects of developing and running a major hospital in Abu Dhabi

  • Identified significant opportunities for over 40 clients in the areas of cost performance improvement, revenue cycle and supply chain, which included strategies for cost reduction revenue enhancement, and streamlining organizational structures.

  • Assisted in over 20 hospital mergers, affiliations and collaborations with facilitation, directing financial analysis or structuring.

  • Directed over 260 financial forecasts and projections in connection with acquisi¬tions, mergers, and capital financing.


Stan is a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHMA), Fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives (FACHE), member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants and has served on the boards of several civic organizations, including the American Red Cross’ Southeastern Michigan Chapter (Treasurer and Vice Chair) Midwest Healthcare Executives Group and Associates (Treasurer).  Stan has also authored articles in national magazines, served on various task forces including the Michigan Hospital Association and is an active speaker on health care matters. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors majoring in finance, accounting and economics from Michigan State University.

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Verys designs, builds and manages custom enterprise software for our clients. By leveraging agile development approaches combined with cloud technologies, we bring high quality solutions to market faster.  Verys’ US-based solution centers are staffed with local talent which provides a compelling alternative to offshoring.  Verys provides world-class IT delivery and outsourcing services from our domestic solution centers.  We are a destination for the best clients and brightest young minds as America reinvents its technical development capabilities.  Our engagement model is specifically designed to showcase agility, speed and ease of doing business.  


Verys’ services include senior level, onsite consulting experts in business process and technology, cloud product and platform integration and implementation to increase time-to-market, decrease cost and provide highly scalable solutions, and application development services that focus on complex products which require a combination of technical, functional and business expertise.  


At Verys the foundation for our business is rooted in doing what is in the best interest of our clients and our associates.  From the origins of the company we have always said that we are not interested in building a business that focuses on transactional volume, but one that is centered around trusted relationships.

The term “Imaginal” has connotations of imagination, the process of creating new ideas and concepts of things that do not yet exist.


But in biology, the term is applied to Imaginal cells – and the startling science behind Imaginal cells is where we get our inspiration for the work we do.


We all grew up knowing a bit about the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The truly amazing part of this process, however, is in the scientific detail of how it actually happens in nature.


After a period of ravenous consumption, a caterpillar finds an appropriate perch and forms a chrysalis – so far so good. The end result, we know, is a butterfly, but the truly astonishing thing is that there is no structural similarity at all between a caterpillar and a butterfly.


Inside the chrysalis the caterpillar, unable to move, actually dissolves into organic goop. Cells, which had been dormant in the caterpillar and which biologists have the poetic genius to call “Imaginal cells,” begin a process of creating a new form and structure.


At first these Imaginal cells – the seeds of future potential, which contain the blueprint of a flying creature—operate independently as single-cell organisms. They are regarded as threats and are attacked by the caterpillar’s immune system. But they persist, multiply, and connect with each other. The Imaginal cells form clusters and clumps, begin resonating at the same frequency and passing information back and forth until they hit a tipping point. They begin acting not as discrete individual cells but as a multi-cell organism – and a butterfly is born.


We believe that courageous leaders are the Imaginal cells within their organizations to help them transform to meet the challenges of our times.


Our life’s work is to find new and more effective ways to help courageous leaders imagine a better future and work with others to make their dreams a reality.

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We work with leading organizations across different industries. Our partnerships, skill, and knowledge allows us to address problems that no one else can. We love what we do, and are uniquely prepared to deliver programs and strategies geared toward your objectives. We have deep functional and industry expertise, as well as breadth of geographical reach. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients. We build their capabilities starting with technology, design, and business development at every level. We do this to build internal support, identify issues, and reach practical recommendations. We enable the capability of our clients and encourage them to fully participate in the process to lead sustainable results.


Client Spotlights:

Retailers - Costco, Kroger, Meijers, Publix, Target, Safeway, & Supervalue

CPG - Electronic Arts, Georgia-Pacific, Hershey, Pepsi, Philips, & Unilever

Entertainment - Sony Entertainment & Warner-Brothers

Healthcare - Three-Sixty Advisory Group & Integrated Healthcare Strategy

Less $10M – Air Control Systems, Blast Energy Gum, California Boost, InstaFood International, OPM, & Reel Irie

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