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our purpose

building a better health care system

Three-Sixty Advisory Group, LLC is committed to doing its part to transform the health care system to deliver on the aims of: better quality, improved satisfaction, lower cost, and better access to health care.


We work with health care consumers, payers, providers and physicians to improve the collaboration of the key stakeholders in health care.


We work with early and mid-stage companies with great products or services to promote their technologies and offerings to build great companies by promoting growth, improving performance and providing access to capital.


We provide accretive value to clients through our quality services, relationships, and by building trust and confidence.

our ambition

by 2020 we will be a distinctive health care professional service organizaion

  • We will be a leading professional services firm in assisting in the transformation of the health care system.

  • We will be the leading firm serving early and mid-stage health care companies with services in growth, performance and capital.

  • We will continue to pioneer a new model for business acceleration.  We achieve rapid, measureable results for clients by offering a “360 degree approach” including: the right team; a shoulder-to-shoulder partnership; a vast industry network; and a compensation model that aligns client and Three-Sixty incentives.

  • Our brand will be synonymous with integrity, high performance and proven results.

  • We will have outstanding relationships in all facets of health care.

our position

Our competitive difference is our collaborative teams, delivering exceptional client service, and assisting our clients to achieve their goals.

our strategy

how we will get there

Enabling our clients vision

  • We are committed to collaborating with clients to meet and exceed their objectives.

  • We deliver exceptional client service.

  • We are focused on delivering rapid performance and measurable results for our clients.


Sustaining long term relationships

  • We believe that true and lasting success in business (and in life) result from our investment in relationships.

  • We take the time to build appropriate relationships with clients, industry leaders, community leaders and our team.


 Relentless focus on the health care market

  • We serve established clients that are truly transforming health care.

  • We serve early stage companies with products and services that can make a difference in health care.


 Creating high-performing teams

  • We recruit, develop, inspire and retain high-integrity, principle-centered talent.

  • We nurture a supportive environment for teamwork, open communication, and the respectful and honest treatment of individuals.

  • We promote individual growth and a healthy balance between personal and professional lives.


 Making knowledge and integrity matter

  • We operate our business by gathering facts, making objective decisions, and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

  • We abide by regulatory, industry and common-sense guidelines.


 Promote competitive earnings for our team

  • We promote growth and competitive earnings sufficient to attract, develop and retain high-performing, entrepreneurial talent.

  • We manage our resources wisely and provide for the investment in the future of the company.

  • We encourage responsible risk-taking and work to anticipate change and adapt quickly.

our culture

three-sixty has built a culture of collaboration, innovation, and performance

When you work with us, you sense the difference. The Three-Sixty team loves the work we do and the people with whom we work. Our culture is stimulating, challenging, friendly and fun – a comfortable venue for innovative thinking, problem-solving, learning and professional growth. Three-Sixty team members adhere to four basic guiding principles:


  1. Respect for each other and everyone with whom we come in contact

  2. Freedom to encourage, help, and allow other team members to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility

  3. The ability to make one’s own commitments and keep them

  4. Consultation with other team members before undertaking actions that could impact the reputation of the company

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